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Blog EntryEngine Box Insulation
Posted on Aug 28, '12 12:22 AM for everyone
"Work is progressing well on #1085. I'm now looking at the two-piece fiberglass engine enclosure. Did the original box come with any sound deadening insulation? I was thinking of li..."
Bleeding for Ballads
Posted on Jul 9, '12 7:26 AM for everyone
"Hi to all: With less than a week before launching, I was about to position and bolt the hull anode when I bumped my collar bone into the recently burnished prop. I paid no attentio..."
Blog EntryThe old mast step chestnut!
Posted on Jun 19, '12 8:58 AM for everyone
"Hello all, Another point that worries me about my hardened and beautiful Ballad, is the mast step, which I see from this post:"
Blog EntryLife rafts!!
Posted on Jun 18, '12 7:03 AM for everyone
"Hello all, My first born child arrived in April, and I suddenly find my nagging worry at the back of my mind about not having a liferaft on my 1971 Ballad (Triola, #51) more preocc..."
Blog Entry"rated as oscean cruiser"
Posted on May 31, '12 6:18 AM for everyone
"Hi! On the web you can read several places that the Albin Ballad is "rated as an ocean cruiser" or "klassifisert som oseangående" Does anyone know anything about who did this ratin..."
Blog EntryCockpit cover or tent wanted
Posted on May 21, '12 8:51 AM for everyone
"Dear Balladeers, I am looking at buying a cockpit tent / bimini to increase our cruising range in both cold and warm climates, and may also replace the sprayhood in the process as ..."
Ballad Window Rubbers
Posted on Mar 11, '12 2:49 PM for everyone
"Hello all, My 1971 Albin Ballad (# 51), Triolas, windows have always leaked a bit when dipping the side deck in the water so I thought it was time I fixed the problem before I went..."
Blog EntryBleeding bosch fuel injector pump
Posted on Feb 1, '12 6:36 AM for everyone
"The manual says there is a pump on the injector pump to bleed it but I don't see one. Anyone know how to bleed a bosch pump?"
Blog EntryOrder of Cylinders md7a
Posted on Jan 31, '12 7:55 AM for everyone
"I can't any info on which cylinder is no. 1 and which is no. 2. I'm trying to set injector pump timing. Thanks for any help..."
Blog EntrySpare sails for Albin Ballad
Posted on Jan 19, '12 9:06 AM for everyone
"Dear Balladeers, A couple of years ago we changed to a roller reefing system on the genoa so we have two spare sails with hanks. Not sure of the age of them as already on Cracklin ..."
Blog EntryWire/Rope halyard warning.
Posted on Nov 26, '11 1:36 AM for everyone
"I have internal halyards on my Ballad mast. The running rigging had the original wire/rope style halyards. When I took the masthead off the mast and looked inside I could see the w..."
Blog Entry"Original" Ballad holding tank.
Posted on Nov 17, '11 1:00 AM for everyone
"I read somewhere that Albin offered a holding tank for the Ballad. Was this a custom-fit tank? Does anyone on the Forum have any more information on this? I'm thinking of installin..."
Blog EntryShaft Seals and Stuffing Boxes.
Posted on Nov 3, '11 1:19 AM for everyone
"My Ballad #1085 was converted to a Yanmar 2GMF by a previous owner. I've been unable to get detailed history of the conversion, but it appears to have been properly done. There was..."
Blog EntryScupper Drains under cockpit locker lids.
Posted on Oct 24, '11 11:57 PM for everyone
"While building new locker lids I noticed that both scuppers slope aft, so why would the starboard drain exit at the forward (high) end of the scupper, and the port drain exit at th..."
Blog EntryWebmaster wanted for Ballad Exchange
Posted on Oct 21, '11 7:25 AM for everyone
"Dear Friends! Since I am no longer an Albin Ballad owner, I think it is only fair that I offer my position to someone else, who might be more enthusiastic about being webmaster for..."
Blog EntryFuel injection pump bosch
Posted on Oct 8, '11 10:25 PM for everyone
"Has anyone tried to set the timing after rebuild of pump. Advice or tips needed. thanks"
Blog EntryShips shower!
Posted on Sep 23, '11 12:11 PM for everyone
"Hello all, My wife is an intrepid sailor who I am lucky enough to be able to report is at her best when the weather is at its worst. However, once at anchor, she is also rather kee..."
Blog EntryMissing Mast to Boom connector.
Posted on Sep 20, '11 11:27 PM for everyone
"Hi, On my '76 Ballad I have a mast and boom made in Germany from "VDM" I bought the boat with the mast down, and am missing whatever pieces needed to connect the two together. If t..."
Blog EntrySummer Cruise to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
Posted on Sep 2, '11 10:14 AM for everyone
"Littlebit enjoyed a successful cruise this summer to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The trip was 42 days round-trip from Cape May, New Jersey, US. We had good weather, bad weather, ..."
Blog EntryWhat year is Hull # 1085?
Posted on Jun 17, '11 11:27 PM for everyone
"Hi, I'm looking at a Ballad that is hull #1085, and was wondering what year it was built. I'd also like to know if this later model has the rust-prone mast step. Peter."
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