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Blog EntryJan 4, '10 3:52 PM
by James for everyone
I replaced a battery and lost power to the starter switch.  I have a Guest battery switch that was there when I purchased the boat.  By instructions on the internet it has two cables to attach to the + battery.  This causes sparks and smoke.  When I hook them to the - Battery post everything works but the starter.  I'd like to bypass this switch and see if that is the problem but am clueless as to where I'd connect the the wires that are now on the feeder post.  Any suggestions?

patentnick wrote on Jan 5, '10
Hi James:

You don't mention if your Guess battery switch is a simple "on-off" type or a "1-2-both-off" type. Normally, only the + cables go through a switch. The - cables go straight from the accessory to the battery post. Can you include a simple diagram? Your problem confuses me a little.

jcobsail wrote on Jan 5, '10
Thanks for the reply... It's a 1-2-off-both switch. There is a cable on the feeder post that I'm not sure about. then a cable for 1- battery and another for 2-battery. On the battery I have a + and - cable that are much larger than the others. They make the dc work in the boat but not the starter. I was wondering if on the ballad all the dc goes on the one cable, starter and all? Also confused about the 1 and 2 battery coming off the switch going to + or - neg terminal on the battery.
patentnick wrote on Jan 5, '10
Hi James:

I'm still a little confused. Normally, the reason why one of your batteries has thick cables is to handle the high amp load from the starter motor. However, in a "1-2-off-both" switch all battery cables should be able to handle very high loads. That's the very point of the switch. The cables coming from the switch should go to the + battery posts. Still, a diagram would help. You can fax me one to +30-210-6899133.

jcobsail wrote on Jan 16, '10
I have power to the outboard red on-off switch under the port lazerett but no power to the inboard one. Could I put the wires connected to the inboard one and connect them to the outboard switch?
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