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Blog EntryJan 21, '10 3:32 AM
by Janie for everyone
One of our windows must be replaced (hull #111) and probably the rest as well.  Is it possible to find the original windows anywhere?
Thanks, Janie

jespermilling wrote on Jan 21, '10
I doubt "original" windows are available since the ballad has not been procuced for many years. But ERTEC in Denmark makes very nice looking windows and they have the patterns for Albin Ballad Windows. Their website is in English so take a look right here:

jespermilling wrote on Jan 21, '10
By the way. When you do buy and install new windows, plase report on the success of the project.
misstress6 wrote on Feb 25, '10
Has anybody dismantled existing windows,cleaned, reglued and re installed successfully?

duchess111 wrote on Feb 26, '10
We have taken out all four and sent them off for 'refurbishment'. We are getting a couple of bits of internal 'frame' remade, the disintegrated grp/fibreglass underneath repaired, and will report back, if we manage to rebed them all successfully! The actual windows didn't look too bad, so didn't see any point in having new ones. However, they didn't fit the holes in the hull very well, so we're still considering how to deal with this.
longjohn3 wrote on Mar 29, '10
everyone I have just joined.I have just successfully replaced the forad portside window with laminated glass cut and suplied by a local glazier to my Albin Ballad however thw glass seal has torn,any idea where I can obtain a new one ?

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