cupboard adjustments

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cupboard adjustments

Post by B173 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:49 am

Hi to all:

At Bram's request, I'm re-posting a couple of photos of the changes I've made to the original cupboard. All I've really done is to enlarge the opening and divide the space in two, the lower one being reserved for boots and shoes. The upper space has two shelves so that items like bedding, clothing, etc., can be stored in a more orderly fashion. The upper shelf can be removed to make space for bulkier items. All this has a downside: long items like coats, shirts, and foul weather gear cannot be hung. I've tried to think of alternative locations to built a long cupboard but I haven't come up with a feasible solution that doesn't require gutting the boat (once again). By the way, the frames around the opening are made of iroko battens which, when varnished, match the surrounding woodwork pretty well.


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