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Ballad For Sale-$900

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 12:22 am
by Clay
This Ballad needs a total refit but the hull below the waterline is in good condition and has a fresh coat of bottom paint. The the foredeck has some poorly done and unfinished core repairs, but they are keeping out the moisture. The standing rigging is all there and in fair to good condition.Most of the running rigging is there as well. One main sail that may or may not fit. No furling system. The cockpit hatches are Starbrite and not attached but fit in place. The tiller is worn out but works, the rudder seemed to be fine. There is no engine, but there's a shaft and two blade prop.
The interior was mostly removed, then not finished and should be done again. The pulpits are there, a few of the stanchion bases are bent from Hurricane Matthew. The hull above the waterline is all scratched. Pics on request. Hilton Head, SC.
I live aboard my Ballad nearby and know this one well, as it sat in the nearby marina for several years before being purchased as a liveaboard a few months before the Hurricane wiped the Marina out. It sat ashore until a month ago (hence the fresh bottom paint) and is now in the crowded mooring and anchor field, looking for a new owner to do it justice.