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Social Media

Post by Liese »

Hi all,
there is a very active Albin Ballad Group on Facebook.
You will find it by searching "Albin Ballad" if you are member on Facebook.

Unfortunately it seems, that more and more information and photos are posted only on Facebook.
That is very pity for Non-Facebook users - whatsoever the reason is.

I would appreciate, if some of the Albin Ballad Group members can as well post the information in this forum here (or the forum, because I trust a lot more in these databases in hands of class associations than in Facebook owned and managed servers.
Of course the Facebook group also presents some advantages, therefore I am in that group as well,
but for keeping a Ballad database a (closed) facebook group is in my eyes the wrong location.

I hope nobody is holding this against me,

speaking for myself :-)
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Re: Social Media

Post by Tom »

Is there any admins on there? I've tried to join about a year or so back with no joy. :(
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Re: Social Media

Post by jocke76 »

Me too, a couple of weeks ago.. still waiting ..
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