New water separator

Nicholas Koligiannis
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New water separator

Post by Nicholas Koligiannis » Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:40 am

Hi to all:

Last year, as part of the fuel system overhaul (steam-cleaning the tank, installing new fuel lines, sending the injectors for inspection) I decided to install a new primary filter. I bought an oversized Racor unit which uses spin-on filters and has a small pump on top which makes bleeding a breeze. I wanted to place it somewhere where I could have easy access to it but which would also protect it from accidental knocks. After a lot of head-scratching, I decided to place it on the inboard side of the port locker bulkhead ("bulkhead" isn't perhaps the right term, but the photos should be clear enough). I created an opening with a small door which rests on heavy-ish hinges, allowing the filter to be swung out for maintenance. With the door closed and latched, it's totally out of the way. As you realize, Moments of Clarity is the version with port and starboard lockers. Obviously, on versions with only a starboard locker, the same arrangement would work on the starboard side.

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