Christmas cruising

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Nicholas Koligiannis
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Christmas cruising

Post by Nicholas Koligiannis » Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:04 pm

Hi and Happy New Year to all:

Blessed by unseasonably warm weather (that still required gloves and full gear at night) my girlfriend and I spent a blissful three days on the island of Aegina over the Christmas holidays. We even had a cracking sail back to Athens with the log never dropping below 5 knots and occasionally touching 6.7 knots.

Moments of Clarity, hull #334

Christmas dinner is being prepared in the cozy, Webasto-heated saloon.
PC240086.JPG (183.79KiB)Viewed 7936 times
The main town sparkles on Christmas evening
PC240087.JPG (131.03KiB)Viewed 7936 times
Christmas day rewards us with occasional sunshine--perfect for lunching and reading in the cockpit.
PC250089.JPG (169.73KiB)Viewed 7936 times
.Stormy, Caribbean-like clouds gather over Aegina.
PC250091.JPG (140.37KiB)Viewed 7936 times
Packed with yachts during the summer months, the main quay in Aegina is blissfully quiet in winter.
PC250090.JPG (177.78KiB)Viewed 7936 times

Bob McGovern
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Re: Christmas cruising

Post by Bob McGovern » Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:28 pm

Outstanding report, Nicholas. Seems strange there are not more boats in the harbor. It sure looks warmer than where we are! :D Does that part of the Med see strong gales in winter? Some people describe the Eastern Med as "Too much wind, or not enough," though it sounds like you had lovely conditions.

Do you have a photo album or blog for Moments of Clarity? We really like your galley ideas, and we plan a full height grab bar like yours. Thanks for the post!

Nicholas Koligiannis
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Re: Christmas cruising

Post by Nicholas Koligiannis » Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:14 pm

Hi Bob:

What they say about the eastern Med is mostly true. The winter season is more stable than the summer one, even though we've gales in the winter too. Having said that, there're plenty of weather windows during all seasons, with the possible exception of late July to late August which is when the meltemi is blowing at an almost constant force 6-7.

I'd posted loads of photos in the old Ballad Exchange, regarding a variety of topics, as I was very active back then. I've been thinking of transferring all the info over to this site but I get a headache just by thinking about it. I figured I'd do so whenever I'm being prompted by another member. (So thanks for the opportunity!) Let me take a look at my files and I'll post some of the galley ideas/improvements.


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