Saronic Spring (Part 1)

Nicholas Koligiannis
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Saronic Spring (Part 1)

Post by Nicholas Koligiannis » Thu May 01, 2014 8:03 am

With the sailing season almost upon us--and the self-imposed deadline for a posting on the South Saronic bearing down on me--I went on a small tour of some of the bay's nicest spots. Aside from some scattered showers, springtime is probably the best season to do this, as the ports and anchorages are not busy, the sea is warm enough for swimming and the visibility is superb (the photos are jpegs straight from the camera). And even if the weather turns occasionally nasty, you can claim to have experienced four-season sailing in one week.
No, it's neither the Caribbean, nor the Marquesas, nor Mauritius. It's the island of Dhorousa, as seen from a bay southeast of the island of Anghistri.
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A view of the bay looking east. Crystal clear waters, good holding and plenty of rocks for tying stern lines.
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The tiny, picturesque port of Vathi on the Methana peninsula has a mole for up to ten smallish yachts and more tavernas than you'd care to visit.
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The wave breaker at Vathi may be junior-size but contributes to the coziness of the harbour--and to my peace of mind as storm clouds gather in the background.
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As rain washes the deck, I'm being kept company by Ben Wilson's "What Price Liberty" and Jan Garbarek's "Star".
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