Saronic Spring (Part 2)

Nicholas Koligiannis
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Saronic Spring (Part 2)

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Here's part 2.
There're some great walks around Vathi and the sun helps to highlight the colours of shrubbery and vegetation lining the paths.
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As the tourist season hasn't really started yet, most spots along Vathi's stretch of coast were deserted, which, perhaps, added to their appeal.
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Nicholas Koligiannis
28 April

Methana peninsula as seen from the port of Palea Epidavros--a nice yet busier place than Vathi.
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To the north and south of the bay of Palea Epidavros there're nice beaches with clear, shallow water. This beach is on the north side of the bay, a five-minute walk from town.
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The surrounding area is lined with orange groves which, in many places, almost go down to the beaches.
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