Saronic Spring (Part 3)

Nicholas Koligiannis
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Saronic Spring (Part 3)

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And part 3.
The island of Moni, right off the southeast coast of Aegina, isn't really considered part of the South Saronic. But, as the last stop of the tour, it proved to be a revelation. There's only one bay that's tenable on the entire island but it offers clear waters, good holding, decent shelter form the prevailing Spring winds (S, SW, SE, W) and some wonderful rock formations. This is the north part of the bay.
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A general view of the bay with Moments of Clarity anchored on a east-west axis, with a stern line ashore
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On Moni, there're some wonderful paths for casual hiking, with a panoramic view of Anghistri, the Methana peninsula and beyond.
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You'll also encounter peacocks just about everywhere, both male...
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...and female.
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