Advice on skeg damage

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Advice on skeg damage

Post by MatWill »

Hi Guys,

I have just bought a Ballad and it has this damage - I was wondering if anyone has seen this sort of damage before and how would you go about fixing it?

I think the basic plan is to drop the rudder then grind back till i hit fresh laminate then rebuild with fiberglass (not sure which weave)

what do you think?
Bob McGovern
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Re: Advice on skeg damage

Post by Bob McGovern »

Hrrrmmm. Hrrmm? Looks for all the world like either the boat backed hard into something, folding the rudder to the side and levering the skeg forward -- or the rudder got bounced on its bottom a few times. Any corresponding damage visible on the rudder blade itself? Have a peek at the flat bottom of the rudder.

You plan of grinding back and re-glassing the damaged area sounds good. If the rudder shaft is not bent, that might be the extent of the repair needed.
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