Traveller re-model

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Re: Traveller re-model

Post by Bob McGovern » Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:33 am

prjacobs wrote:I guess I missed the Free Body Diagrams and Statics class!
Lucky you. :) At Virginia Tech, every engineering class required industrial-grade antacid tablets. Or other self-medication of choice. I made it as far as "Dampened Harmonic Vibration: You Couldn't Solve This Exam Question If You Had All Day, You Loser", then fled to the English Department, where the faculty was not actively intent on destroying its students. :lol:

I liked the bits with pulleys, tho. You can do things with pulleys. Right now I'm trying to decide on vang+topping lift, Boomkicker, or rod vang, so today I mocked up an 8:1 cascade using random blocks that came with Fionn.


Twenty kilos on the free end gets you 80kg on the upper fiddle, which gets you 160kg on the traveling single block. The vang that was attached to the mast is the sad thing on the right:


But look at all the pulleys I have to play with! :D It was worth buying the boat just for that.

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