Identifying rigging parts

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Identifying rigging parts

Post by Cyclooctatetraene » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:19 pm

Hey Folks,

I have another question regarding some rigging parts on my ballad that I have not used in sailing her for 1 1/2 years.

First of all there is a small track on the bow that has two cars attached to it. One of them is just an attachment for a shackle and the other one is a block. As far as I can tell they are necessary for rigging the downhaul of the spinnaker, but I wanted to corroborate this idea with someone that has more knowledge of the whole spinnaker setup on the ballad.
(excuse my dirty feet, that is after painting and sanding bottom paint for multiple weeks, they don't normally look like this, I swear!)

Secondly we have these metal plates that screw into the toerail / hull deck joint. They look to me as if they were designed to hold some sort of a turning block, but I cannot decide whether they are used for the spinnaker setup or something else entirely? They exist on either side in the exact same position. (We also have the actual attachment for the sheet blocks of the spinnaker at the stern)

As you can probably tell we are currently in the process of putting our Spinnaker setup back together and are still trying to figure out where everything goes.

Thanks for input!


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