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Photo AlbumProtective screen for galleyOct 11, '10 10:42 AM
by Nicholas for everyone
Hi to all:

Whenever I cook on board, I’m always concerned by the proximity of the hob’s flame to the surrounding area. The original two-hob burner came in a stainless steel box which protected the area from naked flames—as well as the inevitable cooking mess—but ever since I switched to a 3-burner hob w/oven eight years ago, it has been in the back of my mind to do something about it. And I finally did. By carefully taking measurements, I made a cardboard template of a U-shaped protective screen which would allow me to use the existing gimbals and pan holder bars for support. Once I made a dry fit and was certain that the design would work, I had three pieces of 2mm stainless steel plate cut according to the template which were then welded in a U shape. With some final minor trimming with a grinder, it all came together rather nicely. Total cost was €40 for the material and the cutting, and a further €15 for the welding.

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Blog EntryJan 20, '10 11:44 AM
by Mark for everyone

Hi all,

Wintering this year I thought it was high time to replace the curtains. However, whilst sliding the clip above the cooker off, which had become quite brittle, unfortunately I snapped it. I could probably glue it back together, but does anyone know where I could pick a new one up?

Many thanks, great site btw.

Best regards,


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