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Started February 27, 2004 on MSN Groups. Transferred to Multiply January 23, 2009 - Previously 374 MSN users. Now 90 Multiply users
(Facebook was launched february 4, 2004, only 23 days ealier, as a forum just for Harvard students)




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Created and maintained by Jesper Milling (no Ballad owner any more), Denmark. Email to Jesper

Photo AlbumPhotosJun 25, 2012
New cupboard
2 Photos
Mast step (re-post from Temptress)
7 Photos, 3 comments
New Engine "Sole Mini 17" (nearly similar to vetus16)
8 Photos, 5 comments
Roller Reefing Assembly
4 Photos, 1 comment

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VideoVideoNov 19, 2011
ThumbnailFirst start of our Sole Mini
Previous videos:
Sep 2-Dolphins playing with Littlebit
May 24-Aries Windvane in Action
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orrell wrote on Jul 20
SULA Ballad 835 just won the annual Lagos to Huelva yacht race
using ORC system she was first in class and first overall 40 boats
100 miles downwind, completed in 14 hours.
aurignysong wrote on Jul 4
Hi everyone,
I hope someone can help me out - what size reefing claw should I have on my Ballad?
amelnick30 wrote on Jan 9
Jesper: The photos of how you repowered with a Yanmar did not show up when I viewed your posting. Would you mind e-mailing them to me, I have a 1978 that needs to be repowered and the Yanmar looks to be the best solution. My e-mail address is Thanks, Alec
balladalert wrote on Nov 21, '11
I am hoping to improve my anchoring system which at present involves lugging the anchor out of a cockpit locker on to the deck, likewise the anchor chain that I keep in the bilge! Getting a bit old now and would like an option of keeping the anchor on the foredeck while cruising and making a chain locker, and I might even go so far as to install an anchor winch on the foredeck. Any tips (if possible with photos) from someone who has made these alterations.


Marketplace ItemMarketDec 11, 2011
ThumbnailSturdy 30ft cruiser with a half-tonner pedigree. Fully equipped, well maintained and ready to go. Back in 1993 Yachting Monthly wrote about the Ballad: ‘ Under sail she was and still is a witch to windward [..]. She is light, well-balanced and... more
Previous listings:
Sep 4-Albin Ballad
Sep 4-Albin Ballad
Sep 30-Albin Ballad Cruising Mainsail and roller furled Headsail!!
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