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After our Volvo Penta Md7a doesn`t work anymore, we decided to insert a Sole Mini. It was a lot of work, because everything else has to be new also. We do all the work by ourself, so it took a bit longer, but now we know every part of the Engine and the Engine Compartment very well.
If you want further Information, have a look at our Website, or feel free to send us an Email.





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 1 Comment 

dudabergen wrote on Nov 21, '11
Very nice and clean job!! Congratulation!
patentnick wrote on Nov 21, '11, edited on Nov 21, '11
Hi Nico:

Congrats on a very neat installation and the choice of engine (I also have a Sole). It's great that you have lots of space between the gearbox coupling and the shaft seal. Mine, being the 25hp Sole, doesn't offer me that. If I'm allowed two comments, they would be: A) to locate the water filter above the waterline. Not only is it easier to inspect and clean but much safer. B) Delphi fuel filters are good but quite fiddly to change as they have too many o-rings (I have one too). At the first opportunity, I'll replace it with a spin-on type, like a Racor.

Once again, well done.

sail24hrs wrote on Nov 23, '11
Hello Nico,

Congratulations with your new engine. I couldn't see the way you've organized your exhaust system. It's something that has worried me when I changed my old Volvo with a new Beta Marine BD722/20Hp engine. The point is that the level of the exhausts of new engines are generally situated much lower (often under the waterline level) then the good old Volvo's, which means one has to think how to avoid to get water back into your engine, specially when the boat is healing of the engine is running in choppy conditions. Did you install a water lock, for instance?

Beste regards,
Frans van der Wel
B978 - Aemilia III
nice67 wrote on Nov 23, '11
Hi Frans,

we installed a new Vetus Watercollector behind the Engine Compartment. Also directly at the outlet a "Swan Neck"<- I don`t know, if this is the correct english word:-)
jocotton wrote on Nov 27, '11
Exhaust system: If the water lock, (original installation), is higher than the new engine exhaust outlet, then the water in the hose in between will slosh back and forth with the movement of the boat, and get back into the engine. Been there. Done that. The result, after several years, was catastrophy. My article on the subject is somewhere on this site. Good luck!
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